Improve the recyclability of packaging

How to improve the recyclability of Paper bags



Do: Light weighting.
Don’t: Packaging that underperforms, so the product is lost.


Do: Use paper from responsibly managed forests, like FSC, PEFC etc. Do: use recycled fibres when possible
Don’t: No elements other than cellulose fibres


Do: Functional barriers that do not harm the recycling.
Avoid or minimize: foils, use no foils that have no function, because foils can harm the recycling.

Labels and glue

Do: Efficient use of glue
Avoid or minimize: staples, hot-melts, adhesive tape, plastic window or laminate and waxed, tarred and siliconized paper.

Inks and direct printing

Do: Inks that are foodsafe and follow EUPIA guidelines.

Secondary package

Do: Fit for purpose, if the primary packaging is redesigned, check if the box needs an update too.

Ideas and suggestions